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Jacklyn Blazkowicz (Kelly Maxwell) - Daughter of War

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General Info/Personality

Name: Jacklyn Anderson Blazkowicz
Aliases: Kelly Maxwell, Slayer, Slasher
Birthdate: November 19, 2016
Age: 18
Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada
"Violence solves everything, every time." -Jacklyn.
Personality: Jacklyn is a very carefree adrenaline junkie. She’s extremely snarky and usually doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts. However, when she has a job to do, she can become extremely focused and almost unstoppable in the face of her goal. Despite her callousness, Jacklyn can be compassionate to people she is close to and will do almost anything for them.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single?
Hobbies: Playing games, watching movies, playing/listening to music, fighting/sparring, cooking/baking.


Father - Ares
Mother - Nora Anderson
Adopted Sister - Maxine Anderson


Height: 5’4” (1.63 m)
Weight: ~125 lb (~56.7 kg)
Skin Tone: Pale White
Eye Color: Brown, Electric Purple (Right Eye, Contact Lens), Storm Grey (Left Eye, Contact Lens)
Hair: White, swept to the left, messy
Description: Jacklyn is fairly skinny and lean, with a smaller bust and somewhat wide hips. She usually has a mildly amused expression on her face.
Notable Features: Jacklyn’s ears have been surgically pointed, giving her a slightly more unnatural appearance. She also has tattoos of dragons snaking around her right arm (and the remains of her left arm), with their open maws parallel to the webbing between her thumb and index finger.
Notes: Her left forearm/hand is missing from below the elbow down, replaced by a wooden arm that doesn’t move. The hand can be detached and replaced with a blade, which was created after melting down her left gauntlet.


Apparel: Jacklyn wears a black and pink motorcycle jacket over a dark grey and white Japanese-style school uniform with an exposed midriff and a white scarf/necktie. She wears a belt over the pleated skirt that has pouches attached to it. She wears black thigh-highs with garters, and black, high, leather, platform motorcycle boots, bringing Jacklyn to 5’7” (1.70 m). Jacklyn also wears a black leather collar around her neck. She has a small black bag slung across her back with a crowbar secured to it. She has a pistol holster (empty) under her jacket’s left underarm and a knife sheath strapped to her right thigh. Around her neck is a chain with a pair of dog tags, as well as a necklace with a pendant in the shape of half of a heart.
Hand Blade - A foot-long blade that can be used to replace a prosthetic hand. Available in celestial bronze or tempered steel.
Clawed Gauntlet - A celestial bronze gauntlet with sharpened claws designed for tearing through enemies.
Knife - A Buck 120 knife. A gift.
Crowbar - A piece of black, curved metal.
Sledgehammer - A large hammer designed for heavy blows. The head has been dipped in celestial bronze.
Collapsible Batons - A pair of high-quality metal collapsible batons.


Godly Powers
Combat/Weapon Expertise - Jacklyn can easily understand how to use and become proficient with any weapon in a short period of time.
Ability to Summon a Weapon - Jacklyn can summon a pair of celestial bronze gauntlets that automatically wrap around her hand(s), where the fingertips are sharpened to make it easier to grab an enemy and deal damage.
Ability to Disarm Opponents - Jacklyn can loosen her opponent’s grip on their weapon, making an opening for Jacklyn to either knock it out of their hand or snatch it.
Physically Enhanced - Jacklyn’s body is built to take and deal punishment, all while having high stamina and flexibility to dodge and weave around any fight.
Punch and Reave - Growing up fighting people on the streets has taught Jacklyn various things about fighting dirty and using nearly anything as a weapon.
Urban Evasion - Jacklyn is adept at navigating herself through the air, allowing her to travel somewhat vertically by using her environment, as well as allowing her to mitigate some of the impact when landing.
Stealth Girl - Late nights performing reconnaissance on rival gangs has conditioned Jacklyn to be able to sneak around and be nearly undetectable, as well as resist the effects of exhaustion.
Quick Fix - Jacklyn’s nimble fingers allow her to dress various wounds in the heat of combat which will help people get back into the fight, but not as a lasting treatment.


Jacklyn was born to a single mother in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her mother, Nora Anderson, was an ex-soldier who was working in private security in a casino who met the war god Ares after settling an altercation. They dated for a period of time in which Jacklyn was conceived, and shortly after, Ares revealed who he was to Nora and what Jacklyn was. Ares informed Nora of a camp that Jacklyn was to be sent to once she was old enough, before leaving Nora to care for the then-unborn Jacklyn. Months later, knowing Vegas was no place to raise a child, Nora took Jacklyn and moved to Austin, Texas, where Jacklyn grew up.
Jacklyn’s childhood was incredibly average, where she made a few friends and attended public school. Despite her mother’s background, Jacklyn never had much respect for authority. At school, she would always challenge her teachers and any of the other students that dared stand in her way. This led to a slew of detentions, suspensions, and the occasional expulsion, which caused tension between Jacklyn and her mother. When Jacklyn was around ten years old, her mother decided that they were ready to accept another person into their family, someone for Jacklyn to help care for and hopefully become less oppositional because of it. They adopted a seven-year-old girl named Maxine, who Jacklyn immediately felt a bond with.
Jacklyn began to behave a little better after this, wanting to be a better example for her new sister. However, this did not necessarily mean she was well-behaved; her delinquency was less frequent but just as intense. Her continued rebelliousness escalated tensions at home, particularly with her mother. Despite this, not all of Jacklyn’s actions were purely selfish or to spite any perceived authority. She would make it a point to threaten anyone that would bully, harass, or otherwise bother her little sister, and she would occasionally follow-up with these threats. Jacklyn’s overprotectiveness helped strengthen the bond with her sister, leading to them becoming very close.
Jacklyn shared almost everything she enjoyed with her sister, and this made it considerably more painful when she left. At age fifteen, Jacklyn left home, finding herself dissatisfied with falling grades she didn’t care about, constant reprimands for her behavior, and general lack of action where she lived. Over the course of a month, Jacklyn traveled north, hitchhiking and sneaking onto trains and other large vehicles. She eventually found herself in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she lived on the streets for a few weeks.
Life on the streets was difficult, where Jacklyn had to constantly evade the police and find ways to make or steal money. What didn’t help was the constant threat of these various creatures that no-one else seemed to see. During an altercation with one of these creatures, Jacklyn accidentally summoned a pair of clawed celestial bronze gauntlets which she used to kill the creature. As the creature disintegrated, she collected one of the teeth, which could be identified as a hellhound tooth. One night, Jacklyn crossed paths with a young woman only four years older than her named Suzie who could also see the monsters.
Suzie was a college freshman with a feeling of restlessness she couldn’t seem to shake. She eventually invited Jacklyn to help form a gang, to give Suzie some form of purpose and to get Jacklyn off of the streets. Jacklyn accepted and met two of Suzie’s friends: Martin and Floyd. Martin had familial connections with a larger criminal syndicate and was desperate to strike out on his own; Floyd was an enigma, only known to be a discharged soldier just looking for an enemy to fight. Jacklyn, Suzie, and Floyd, led by Martin, formed a small gang known as the Saints. Other names were considered, but the name was agreed upon after several discussions and originated from one of Jacklyn’s favorite games.
Jacklyn’s first mission as a “Saint” was a simple stick-up at a convenience store where Jacklyn’s gun was loaded with blanks. However, this went south quickly as a few members of a rival gang arrived to collect protection money. Jacklyn barely escaped from the fight, only suffering a single bullet wound in the shoulder and a twisted ankle. Following this incident, Suzie helped Jacklyn recover and Floyd taught her basic medical skills to help treat injuries in the middle of combat. Jacklyn then received combat training to avoid a repeat of this incident.
Over the next two years, the Saints’ influence grew, as did its membership. Jacklyn grew more experienced with every new “mission” and got closer personally to the other founding members, Suzie in particular. Being Jacklyn’s first friend in Grand Rapids, Suzie was always different from the others in Jacklyn’s eyes. Jacklyn began to develop feelings towards her and eventually confessed. Luckily, Suzie reciprocated her feelings and the two became official. This closer relationship finally gave Jacklyn someone she felt comfortable being vulnerable around, the first one since her little sister. After a street brawl was interrupted by a manticore targeting Jacklyn, Jacklyn had her left forearm bitten off. Barely killing the monster, Jacklyn refused to see anyone besides Suzie while she recovered.
Months later, Jacklyn was ready to go out again and support the Saints. She received a wooden arm as a “welcome back” present, and found herself back on the “front lines”. However, Suzie being the only one Jacklyn ever interacted with caused some tension in their relationship, as well as some mistakes Jacklyn made during missions. Eventually, the tension rose enough for Jacklyn and Suzie to have a huge argument before a mission, which ended with Suzie expressing her desire to end the relationship.
The mission itself went decently well until a rival gang ambushed the Saints. During the resulting chaos, a distraught Jacklyn snuck back to the Saints headquarters and packed some of her things. Without leaving a note, she took her car and left. She found herself wandering, but felt something drawing her east. During her travels, she met a kid named Riley who accompanied her until they arrived at Camp Half-Blood.

Now (Co-written with u/Arken-99 and u/hiyakushi)

A gunmetal gray Mustang drives down a back road in Long Island.
“Kel-ly, I have to go!” a young redhead whines to the driver.
The white-haired driver grits her teeth and clenches her hand on the wheel. “For fuck’s sake! Why the hell didn’t you go before we left!?”
“Buuut I didn’t have to go then.”
“Riley, I swear to fuck-” Jacklyn cuts herself off. “Count to four, inhale,” she mutters to herself, taking a breath.
Riley begins inhaling loudly, all the while squirming in their seat.
Jacklyn glares at Riley. “Riley, I am going to fucking kick you out of this car so hard that it’ll make Hereditary look like the damn Teletubbies!”
“Kale, PLEASE!!!” Riley gives Jacklyn a pleading look. “There are some trees right there.”
“Fine!” Jacklyn yells, exasperated. “You’re lucky I don’t want your piss on my seats-” She pauses, looking at something in the distance. “Hey look, there’s someone out there. Maybe they know where a bathroom is.”
The car cruises to a stop next to the person. Jacklyn rolls down one of the car’s windows.
“Hey!” she says. “You know where a bathroom is? This dipshit needs to take a piss.”
Felix was out on another one of his daily walks around the camp. This time, he decided to venture a little closer to the camp’s gate than usual. With his luck, there were probably going to be more new arrivals that were going to arrive at the camp any second now…
His musings were answered rather quickly when he hears someone call out to him from outside the camp gate.
“Um, are you talking to me?” he asks, pointing a finger to himself. But he was inside the gate! They shouldn’t have been able to see him! Unless… Felix quickly walks up to one of the camp gate’s posts and leans against it, watching the new arrivals closely.
Jacklyn looks around. “Uh, yeah?” she says. “There’s like, no-one else here.”
“Well, besides me!” Riley interjects.
“Shut the hell up!” Jacklyn snaps. She turns back to Felix. “Sorry about that.”
“A-ah, I see,” he stammers out. Well, he might as well help them out since they oh-so-conveniently showed up right in front of him. “Uh, who’s the person that needs to go?” he asks, trying to peer into the car. Well, it’s not like he could see much anyway.
“Me!” Riley frantically waves their hand.
“Them,” Jacklyn jerks her thumb towards Riley.
“Please! I really, really need to go!” Riley stares at Felix trying to project their shear desperation.
Felix blinks a little in surprise due to the kid’s, uh, desperation. He opens his mouth to start giving the young red-head some directions, but he stops himself. Well, let’s test out if they really are demi-gods or not. He flashes a brilliant smile at them. “Oh, could you come up here to the top of the hill? It’s a lot easier if I just showed you rather than told you,” he lies smoothly.
“Fine. Whatever,” Jacklyn responds. She begins to drive her car up the hill.
Felix dashes off to the side when he sees the other girl start to drive up the hill. Shit, I didn’t mean like that! he thinks, slumping a little against one of the gate’s posts. He takes a breath and walks back over to where the car eventually stops.
“Okay, so now what?” Jacklyn asks.
No time! Bathroom now!” Riley shouts.
“Don’t piss on my seats!” Jacklyn yells.
Felix strolls over to the redhead’s window, pointing off to the cabin area. “Okay, you see those cabins over there? The bathrooms are in that building on the path to the lake over there. Did you get that?”
“Yup!” Riley shouts as they practically dive out of the car, sprinting off in the direction of the arena.
“No!” Felix yells out after him. “The other way!” he says while pointing again. Well, there’s that mystery solved, he sighs internally.
Thank you!!” Riley shouts before changing directions, leaving a dust cloud in their wake.
“Fuckin’ finally,” Jacklyn grumbles as she steps out of her car and begins to rummage in the backseat.
Felix turns to look at the girl that just stepped out of the car. He couldn’t see her before, due to the car’s tinted windows-- Wait. He quickly covers the sinister grin that was growing on his face with his hand. He couldn’t believe it. It was this girl again.
Caught in her thoughts, a white-haired girl collided with Felix. She turned quickly and looked down at the person she had knocked over.
“Shit, my bad,” she said as she offered a hand out to the boy. “Sorry ‘bout that.”
“It’s no problem, really,” Felix replied, taking her hand. “I just wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”
“Nah,” the girl responded, pulling the boy up. “That was on me.” She quickly checked her watch. “Shit,” she muttered. “I gotta go. I’ll see you around.”
Jacklyn pauses, feeling somebody staring at her. She looks up at Felix. “What?” she asks. “What’s so funny?”
Felix gives her a warm smile. “Oh, nothing,” he replies as he walks over to her car. It’s her. It’s really her. I have to make her stay! She’ll be so useful again. “I was just admiring your car here,” he says as he drags his fingers delicately over the roof of the car. He then infuses the car with about as much bad luck as he could muster. Sure, he felt a little sorry for the kid that just ran off, but oh well. There were more important things at hand. “It’s pretty nice, where did you get it?” he asks casually, now leaning against the hood.
Fuckin’ weirdo, Jacklyn thinks to herself. “Watch the paint. It was a gift from my-” she cuts herself off. “Ex-girlfriend.” She looks wearily at the boy, knitting her eyebrows. “Have we met? You seem familiar.”
“No, I don’t think we have,” he lies smoothly. “I think I would have remembered someone as… interesting... as you.” Well, it was a good thing he had some experience at poker tables. He really didn’t want her to find out too quickly. Knowing what was likely going to happen next, he gets up and steps slightly away from the car.
“Uh-huh,” Jacklyn says, unimpressed. Suddenly, a loud bang! erupts from the hood of Jacklyn’s car. “Mother fucker!” Jacklyn shouts, dashing to the hood. As she pops open the hood, a pillar of black smoke billows out from the engine of the car.
“Son of a bitch!” Jacklyn yells, kicking the bumper of her car. “Stupid fucking piece of shit!”
Felix suppresses a giggle as he nonchalantly walks up to see the damage he caused. “Wow, that looks pretty bad,” he remarks. “Yeah, that might take a while to fix, huh? Well, lucky for you, there happens to be a few spare parts you could use for your car here in the camp!”
“Camp?” Jacklyn asks. “What camp?”
“You know,” he says, casually pointing a finger at the camp sign, which read “Camp Half-Blood”. “The one you just drove into?”
“Oh.” Jacklyn stared at the sign. “That camp.”
“Mhmm,” he hums in response, nodding his head. He looks off at the direction of the dining pavilion, coming up with an excuse to leave quickly. “Well, sorry to say this, but I promised I’d meet a friend over at the dining hall,” he says as he points and turns away. “Go ahead and ask around for directions if you get lost!” He then walks away, cackling silently to himself. Have fun, okay? he thinks as he glances back quickly. I know I will.
What a prick. Jacklyn slams her car’s hood shut. A camp, huh? she thought as she leaned against her car. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She lights one and brings it to her lips, taking a drag from it. As she blows out smoke, she surveys the camp before her.
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Does anyone play regularly in Michigan? What are the best spots to play?

I made a list of casinos within a 5 hour circle from me. I have no way of determining if any are utilizing CSM's or are still fully playable houses. I'm hoping the bulk of these are still tried and true places I can work on my counting practice. I recently took a road trip passed the UP and into Ontario but all of the Ontario casinos employ CSMs very reliably (that I've seen so far on my last business trip) so that whole area is out. Plus, there aren't nearly as many casinos so densely compacted like there are in Michigan.
I thought I'd simply dump'em here and see if anyone has experience at these places.
Northern and Central MI has a shitload of casinos. I'm new to the state so I haven't been to a single one of these yet but I'm going to start checking them out hopefully in a couple months once I'm settled in and figure out my bankroll situation.
The only house I've heard any feedback from is Turtle Creek in Traverse City and that it's an excellent place to play.
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Ok, here goes: I'm a racist. (Whew!)

There's a narrative in American culture that says that anyone, regardless of color or creed, has within themselves the potential to be successful, rich, healthy, happy, etc., while at the same time not being at all surprised when that success isn't achieved by "certain" people. It can be explained that "those people are just like that", as my Minnesotan grandmother once stated about her Native American neighbors, whom she believed to be lazy. It wasn't her problem, fault, or responsibility to in any way respond positively to the destitution within view of her kitchen window. My grandmother never was one for history. Her neighbors were experiencing the adverse effects of actions taken nearly 120 years before, at a time when Manifest Destiny was firmly entrenched in the American collective psyche and was thus also an integral part of government policy. The remains of the Plains Indians were forced out of their own culture and expected to integrate into the that of the pale newcomers from the east. For their trouble, they were given land that was mostly devoid of the resources that their culture had been dependent upon. They were also given free food, but of a type that was new to them. The legacy of Manifest destiny is diabetes and hypertension, alcoholism and drug abuse, and suicide. In 1996, I went fishing with my brother and his wife at the Pickstown Dam on the Missouri River in South Dakota. At one point, we needed supplies and stopped at a local convenience store. On our way into the store, a disheveled Native woman in her 40's stopped me, begging me to take the three dollars crumpled in her hand to buy her a 40-oz, as she was apparently banned from entering the store. I ignored her. And I also never forgot her. What are the opportunities for people in this sort of situation? Can they ever really "pull themselves up by their bootstraps"? Some did so by getting into the casino business- poetic justice for a cheated people- but many are still mired in a poverty-stricken quicksand from which they will likely never escape. I used to believe Affirmative Action was a disservice to the people it was meant to help, but now? Now, I think that it's going to take a hell of a lot more than that to actually begin to heal this wound. Our collective consciences are assuaged because we're on this side of the Civil Rights Movement, spawning a complacency that is privileged enough to deny that racism yet exists. It is the year 2016 and our communities (yes, even the schools- see article from This American Life) are still segregated. This would be the pot calling the kettle black if I didn't acknowledge that I am a racist, as well. I see African Americans as different from myself- both culturally and physically- and until I'm not afraid of that difference, I'm a racist, and I'm a part of the problem. How's this for honesty and vulnerability: I roll my eyes when I see an African American person walking down the middle of the street when there's a perfectly good sidewalk available. I'm a little afraid to drive down Franklin Ave. east of Division, letting go a silent sigh of relief when I get to Fuller (don't deny it- you've done it, too). I get annoyed when my dishes rattle from the bass issued from a passing car, making an assumption about the person driving it. So sometimes I'm a racist, I'm also sometimes...not. One of my favorite places to go in Grand Rapids is Jamaican Dave's. Manze (sp?) knows me- he knows that the reason he was seeing me at his counter every week back then was because I'm a food addict and I was going through a very painful divorce. But I don't have many friends that aren't white and/or of Dutch descent- and that's the problem. The solution then: get out of your comfort zone, deny fear, and make some friends.
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One Day In Grand Rapids  Pure Michigan - YouTube Local DEA: Biggest Grand Rapids drug bust in years - YouTube Jacuzzi Suite Grand Rapids Hotels-Grandvillage Inn-1877-467-8970 Steelhead Fishing on the Grand River near Grand Rapids, MI ... Let's Visit Grand Rapids, MI - YouTube Driving by Grand Rapids,Michigan Grand Rapids: Cool City with Endless Possibilities  Pure ... Ramada Plaza Grand Rapids 3 Stars Hotel in Grand Rapids ... How To Catch Steelhead At The 6Th Street Dam In Grand Rapids! Serious Tornado Near Grand Rapids, Michigan - YouTube

The town of Grand Rapids can be discovered in the state of Minnesota (United States). Holding 11000 inhabitants, it is thought of as a medium town. There's no casino in Grand Rapids which is unlucky! But do not stress, there are a range of brilliant surrounding casinos, including Deer River White Oak casino, Walker Northern Lights Casino, Cass ... Map showing the location of casinos near Grand Rapids Michigan with drive time, distance, map and casino description. Casino Party Experts Grand Rapids 625 Kenmoor Ave SE Ste 30, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Gun Lake Casino 1123 129th Ave , Wayland, MI 49348 Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort 6800 E Soaring Eagle Blvd , Mount Pleasant, MI 48858 FireKeepers Hotel 11177 Michigan Ave E , Places near Grand Rapids with Adult Entertainment Wyoming (4 miles) Comstock Park (5 miles) Grandville (6 miles) Standale (6 miles) Jenison (7 miles) Plainfield (7 miles) Alpine (8 miles) Belmont (8 miles) Cutlerville (8 miles) Plainfield Charter Township (9 miles) The best days happen at Gun Lake Casino in Wayland, MI with loose slots, entertainment, dining and more fun! The Best Gaming in Michigan. Play It Safe. Directions. Rewards Login. Sports Betting. Menu. Gaming Sports Betting Play Online Bonanza Bucks Slot Machines Table Games Poker Room Hosts Credit & Check Cashing. Rewards Promotions. Dining Sandhill Cafe Harvest Buffet. Drinks Crossroads Stage ... Casinos near Grand Rapids, MI Browse URComped’s up-to-date list of the 50 closest casinos to Grand Rapids, MI There are no casinos within a 30 minute drive of Grand Rapids, MI but you can see a full list of casinos and their driving distance from Grand Rapids, MI below. There is also a poker room with 14 tables. The hotel of the Casino offers many types of rooms, swimming pool and fitness center… Grand Rapids is a city of Midwest in Kent County, Michigan (MI) with a population of 192,000. If you love history, the Gerald R. Ford Museum is a great place to visit! You will learn more about President Ford. There are 40 Casinos in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan MI. Aaa Insurance. Aaa Insurance is located approximately 90 miles from Grand Rapids. They're a really good Casino. Their phone number is (989) 832-6500. Read more about Aaa Insurance in Midland, MI. BRYAN'S TRAVEL INC. BRYAN'S TRAVEL INC is located approximately 119 miles from Grand Rapids. If you want to pay them a visit, go to 5850 ... Smack between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, on US 131 Exit 61, you’ll find Gun Lake Casino. It’s a fun new gathering place, a favorite hang out, built just for you. With cookin’ local bands and acts, cool bars and lounges, fantastic food, over 1,600 slots, 33 table games and real hospitality. Drop by. Stick around. You’re always welcome. Many of Michigan’s casinos are connected to luxury resorts or hotels, featuring spas, signature restaurants, and easy access to nearby attractions. Are you ready to double down on Pure Michigan?

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One Day In Grand Rapids Pure Michigan - YouTube

01/28/2019 Grand Rapids, Michigan Winter Storm/Dozens of stuck cars/Semi Sliding - Duration: 2:10. Live Storms Media 6,310 views. 2:10. Exploring Grand Rapids, Michigan - a Tour with Drivin ... 877-467-8970 Grandvillage Inn Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan is located near all of Downtown Grand Rapids' greatest attractions such as the Gunlake Casino. Great for romantic getaways, family ... In this video I go over the setup you can use to easily catch salmon in Grand Rapids Michigan! Also in this video is footage of me battling my personal best ... Some clips from a recent trip on the Grand River near Grand Rapids, MI. Landed 4 of 5 steelhead on a chilly day. The local DEA says it's the largest bust it has had in years. So far, 15 people have been arrested.(Sept. 5, 2017) Michigan's Beer City USA is overflowing with great places to eat, drink and explore. Join Jason Hall as he checks out the city's local gems from his One Day ... The Tornadoes caused significant damage throughout the area. Trees, Power poles down on Grand Rapids Today.A CONFIRMED TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN IN THE CITY OF WY... Looking for a "cool city" to visit? In Grand Rapids, every day is a work of art with endless possibilities that are sure to spark the imagination. Grand Rapi... Ramada Plaza Grand Rapids 3 Stars Hotel in Grand Rapids ,Michigan Within US Travel Directory Featuring an indoor door waterpark with a games room and spa, th... Grand Rapids, MI is the second largest city in the state of Michigan. Located in the western part of the Lower Peninsula, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer fro...